2015, a great year for JiroVe

It has been a fantastic year for JiroVe in which organic growth doubled our turnover and impact. In January 2015, we rented out almost 1.000 rechargeable LED lights daily to marginalised families and micro-enterprises, reaching about 4.000 people.

A year later, our network rents out over 2000 lights every day, which meant that now over 9.400 people benefit from affordable, healthy and brighter lighting in 6 regions of Madagascar.

Franchisee Tolotra showing of our new standardised charging racks, which were introduced and rolled out in 2015

New standardised charging racks were introduced in 2015

This success has only been possible through a massive amount of work being done by our area managers and franchisees; our franchisees had an estimated 400.000 micro-transactions with their customers, and delivered close to half a million lights delivered to people’s homes and businesses. Our Area Managers made hundreds of trip by foot, bicycle and taxi-brousse to ensure everything went well.

training session in Tana headquarters

training session in Tana headquarters

With the help of our network and supporters, we hope to double in size again in 2016, helping people to live healthier lives, and truly lighting up Madagascar.

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