LIghting up Madagascar

Jiro-Ve means: "You want light? We got light!" And that is our mission. Madagascar is one of the poorest countries in the world, and most people do not have electricity in their houses, but use either candles of kerosene lamps. These are expensive, dangerous, unhealthy and harm the environment. Jiro-Ve solves these problems by renting out affordable, rechargeable LED lights.


We are affordable.

Jiro-Ve uses a network of local franchises to rent out lights for a price that is similar or even cheaper than kerosene or candles. With no upfront investments, our customers can enjoy better quality lighting.


We protect from fires.

Our customers mostly used candles or kerosene lamps before using our service. Open fire within houses is dangerous and a major cause of fires and burn wounds in Madagascar.


We promote health.

Using kerosene lamps within the house is a major cause of respiratory diseases, which is well known to most Malagasy. We offer a viable .alternative


We mitigate greenhouse gas emissions.

Black soot from kerosene lamps is a major cause of global warming. Jiro-Ve’s uses PV-solar panels to charge its lights where-ever possible.

Now that you know our mission, what's there not to like?

what we do

since 2012 we operate in Madagascar, this is our story

Electricity and lighting is a basic need in a country where the sun sets around 6 pm every day. In Madagascar, the state energy company “Jirama”, is for most people unaffordable. Even people that can afford their service often have blackouts for several hours a day.

Jiro-Ve has come up with an innovative, inclusive business model to provide affordable, clean and healthy lighting for marginalized communities. Our model allows us to rent out a rechargeable LED light for a price that is cheaper than candles or kerosene. For 200 Ariary per day (≈ 0,06 €) people get a fully charged light delivered to their doorstep. Both in rural areas and neighbourhoods of cities. Jiro-Ve hires local entrepreneurs and uses existing networks, supporting and developing entrepreneurship.

The impact of Jiro-Ve has been internationally recognized. BID network named Jiro-Ve as one of the winners of the ‘Entrepreneurship without borders’ competition. Ernst & Young, one of the sponsors of the event, rewarded Jiro-Ve a grant for a coaching project based on our business plan.

  • People with less than 2$ / day
  • Access to Electricity
  • Access - Rural Areas
  • Dependency on Biomass


Jiro-Ve is run by a team of experienced expats and Malagasy nationals
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Rik Stamhuis

Co-founder & managing director
Rik is a driven and energetic leader with years of experience working for social enterprises. Before founding Jiro-Ve, Rik worked in Kenya trying to find innovative ways of distributing renewable energy.
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Adriaan Mol

Adriaan is a serial impact-entrepreneur; investor; and mentor to (social) enterprises. He has developed commercially promising business models that positively impact social and environmental challenges in Africa. He is particularly interested in scalable social-enterprises in the agriculture, health, waste, water and renewable energy sectors.
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Tahiry Henintsoa Ramboa

Operations manager
Former English teacher and expert in social enterprises Tahiry used to be responsible for Antananarivo only and is now indispensable part of the head office.
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Joost van Well

Project Manager
Joost helps Jiro-Ve with the data management between the field and HQ. An experienced project manager, he also helped with various funding bids.
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Alain Tantelinirina

Area-coordinator – Bongolava Region
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Alexandre Rajoanarimandimby

Area-coordinator – Vakinankaratra Region
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Narindramalala Andrianalison

Data Manager, Administration


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