Jiro-Ve strengthens its commitment to the inclusion of women in a man’s world
Putting human capital at the center of the company’s development, Rindra Andriamiarana, HR manager at Jiro-Ve
talks about her day-to-day work in putting the spotlight on women to promote green energy.

1. At this day: honoring women for their essential role in social balance

“We pay tribute to their contribution to society, to their ideas, innovations and activism,
that make our world a better place, their leadership on all fronts.
Jiro-Ve is committed to highlighting the women who, through their work, contribute to the balance of society. It is these women employees, franchisees and partners who, through their work, contribute to the balance of society.
These are the employees, the franchisees, the partners, who, with a little, do a lot for the community.

2. HR Manager: essential missions at the service of the community

I joined Jiro-Ve at the beginning of the year, after more than 6 years in the world of Human Resources. I very quickly
that my role is above all social. Jiro-Ve promotes green energy through a network of franchisees
throughout Madagascar. As an HR manager, my mission in this world of men is to align the company’s strategy to mobilize the workforce. Our strategy is to mobilize the commitment of employees and thus have a greater impact on the

3. Human capital

35% to date are women at Jiro-Ve which makes us proud that so many women who make up our human capital. Despite the
the phenomenon of accelerated digital transformation, human capital remains the raw material of the
of the company.
Recently, our flagship event of the year, team building, took place, bringing together employees from the regions and headquarters in one place from the regions and the head office. This event helps to embed the corporate culture in the team.

culture within the team. Indeed, we are convinced that corporate culture is a strategic pillar in a company.
pillar in a company. Thus, we were able to spend a privileged moment outside of the work environment to share
We were able to spend a privileged moment outside of work to share the 2023 outlook and the values that unite us: commitment, sustainable development and entrepreneurial spirit,
sustainable development and entrepreneurial spirit.

Today, we wish all women to flourish in their work, to become aware of their value and to assert themselves.
their value and to assert themselves.